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About Us

About Speed Marine

Speed Marine established in 1998 in the State of Qatar. We have been actively involved with the sport of racing personal watercraft & ATVís for many years. We have now combined our passion and experience on the water with our knowledge and skill in the automotive industry to open a sale and service centre for all your personal watercraft & ATVís needs.

Company Overview

Due to its unique geographical location in the Gulf and being a peninsula, Qatar enjoys some of the best beaches and sea-front areas in the region. We believe that it is our responsibility to play an essential role in supporting the remarkable booming through our innovative projects. Qatar Government has paid specific attention to promoting sea-sport and has sponsored many internationally known events including Power Boat race, Formula-1 race and more recently, Water skiing and Jet Skiing competition.

Multi-billion dollars projects in the field of infra-structure, Industry, and Oil & Gas are envisaged which will attract a large number of foreign companies and expatriate skilled work-force.

We are a company, which was cradled by the most arduous and sincere entrepreneur in the country, benefited with the support of the flourishing economy of the state and the presence of a diligent citizenry eager to attain success.

Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. The encouragement provided to build a highly skilled and creative research and development team, which is reinforced by the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Our well-recognized market presence with a strong product portfolio, which is being marked up with newer brands for Marine and Automotive Industry Streamlined and efficient which boosts of technical prowess.

Mission Statement

Speed Marine is an acknowledged innovator in Marine Ė Off Road Automotive Industry. We have led this industry with Broad Range of Products and inclusive services to allow our clients to make quality decisions.

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